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30 April 2007 -
asiaEP out to prove itself
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27 March 2007 -
B2B.ITAH Soft Launched
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26 February 2007 -
Special Community Search
Engine to be launched
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Realizing your Potential

What is an e-Marketplace?
IDC defines e-Marketplace as an internet-based broker of goods or services in a community of many buyers and many sellers.

Who is your targeted customer?
asiaEP Emarketplace provide the services for community from various industry and different product & services range.

Where are your targeted customer located?
asiaEP Emarketplace caters a large number of participant around the globe as a community to make business transaction.

Are you planning to expand your business?
By participating in asiaEP E-marketplace, you can receive valuable feedbacks from the community, receive industry-related information, build new partnerships and use the networking ability of the community.

Does your business need to react quickly to volatile markets and demand with dynamic, virtual realtime commerce and supply chain collaboration?
If the answer is yes,you need to Improve time-to-market strategy by collaborating e-solutions for your business needs.

Are you looking for more efficient distribution chanel for your business?
Participation in asiaEP E-marketplace can generate enormous benefits to your company, both in cost savings and productivity increase.

To know more about it, you may sent your request to or call our consultant:

Business Community
Buying Value
USD 1,000,000
Total Countries :203

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Product & Services

asiaEP launch Online broadcasting services - (EPbroadcast) features with Email and SMS broadcast.
asiaEP launch enhanced email system (EPmail) features with intelligent virus and spam filtering
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